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Thread: AFM #37 2011 Race Season Summary

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    The 2011 race season is officially over and I have alot to be thankful for this year. My Dan Kyle Racing BMW S1000rr got better and better as the season went on. Thanks to Dan's products and support I was able to close out the AFM Formula 40 season with three wins in a row. With a 1 point deficit to the class leader, the bike was so good that I won the last race of the season by over 8 seconds. In turn, this resulted in my winning the 2011 AFM Formula 40 Championship. My first title in 10 years of AFM racing ! So, for now, I'm king of the geezers. To the younger racers out there, this may sound very sweet for the gray bearded old guy but, I also competed in the Open Superbike, Open Grand Prix and a couple of Formula Pacific races on my Dan Kyle Beemer and beat the snot out of alot of the younger guys on their hot rodded gixxers, CBR's and R1s. I have absolutely no engine work on my bike. The valve cover has never been off of it. Oil changes only. Yet, with Dan's Ti exhaust system, power commander and Kyle mapping on MR-12 race gas, it puts out about 200 H.P. The best money I spent with Dan was on the Ohlins Road & Track forks, Ohlins TTX shock, Ohlins steering damper and Sato rear sets. The bike became easier to ride with each outing as experimental adjustments and testing was done throughout the season. In the end, the bike was able turn run consistent 1:53 second lap times. The fastest I've ever been able to get around Thunderhill Raceway since I started racing. No, I'm not up in the rarified air of AFM's elite racers. They are still an easy 5 seconds a lap quicker than me. But, at my age with an oustanding bike, I'm closing the gap bit by bit.
    By the way, The Kyle Bemmer also took 3rd place in the 2011 California State Championship Formula 40 class even though I missed the last event. Yes, this is a BMW Forum but, I've got to tell you that my 2008 Kyle Racing Ducati 1098 (base model) took 4th place in the 2011 AFM Open Twins Championship and, 4th place on the 2011 California State Championship Heavy Weight Twins class. The moral to the story has a common thread, take it from an overweight, 56 year old, average club racer, Dan Kyle Racing is the best in the buisness !
    Many, many thanks to Dan and his staff, Alex Eisner, Liz and Mike. Thanks also to Mr.Sato and Mikiko of Sato Racing, my mentor and one of the finest riders I've ever seen on a track, Michael Earnest (owner of Pacific Track Time), Barry Wressler (tuner extrodanaire) ,Kenny Norman, Dave Stanton (God), Chris Siglin (2011 AFM #1 plate on a BMW), Doug Wakefield, my pit mate and best bud Joe Hittner, Chris McGuire/ Pirelli Tires and my sweetheart Roni Elliott. Thank you all !!!
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