Subject: miller report

An extra thank you to Evan and Phil of ESP for ensuring we made it to the racetrack. The axel broke off the trailer and Evan and Phil were stranded in Flagstaff for an evening. We got to the track a day late, which made things rushed for the weekend however, Evan and Phil managed to get the bike running perfectly before the first practice of the weekend.

Miller was a round we were very excited to go to this year, as it is the perfect track for the BMW S1000RR and a personal favorite. We knew this was going to be a challenging weekend because World SuperBike was also at Miller and therefore track time was limited.

On Saturday morning we had a short warm-up and an afternoon pre-qualifier – we finished 5th in the pre-qualifier just 1.7 seconds off the leader Toye. The team was pumped with the time as the other teams had an opportunity to practice at Miller the week before.

Sunday provided little track time, as there was only one qualifier before the race and no practice.
We were looking to put the bike on pole position however due to a crash in the 600 qualifier before our qualifier our session was cut down to a futile 10 minutes, which allowed us only to complete three laps. With the lack of time in the qualifier we were unable to advance our starting position. That evening we made some adjustments to the BMW S1000RR suspension and gearing.

Race Day: There was a morning warm-up and the changes had improved our lap times and we were moved up a few positions. This provided the team with hope for a stronger finish in the race. In the first lap of the race there was a crash causing a red flag. The field was re-grided for a second start and the race was shortened to 10 laps from 14. On the restart I struggled to get the S1000RR off the line, which put me back around 15th place into turn one. I was determined to get back into the front – I was passing other riders trying to catch up to the leaders and on the second lap I set the fastest lap of the race. Around the third lap I caught up to the top four riders and was racing with David Anthony who was in fourth place. I caught him in Clubhouse corner only to have him re-pass going into the final corner. Unfortunately he lost the front end going underneath me – he tucked the front and I stood my bike up accidentally running him over. Then it was off to catch Geoff May. It took over a lap to catch him for the last spot on the podium. Toye then tucked the front of his bike going into the Hairpin – moving me up into 3rd place. At the point, Taylor Knapp had quite a lead and he was too far to catch. With a few laps to go May and I were passing each other in almost every corner – we both knew it would come down to the last corner for second place. May ran a bit wide coming into Clubhouse corner this allowed me to get underneath him and try to block him for the next two corners – this allowed me to finish in 2nd place.

Overall it was a good weekend, and I want to thank Jennifer Cartwright from Ironhorse BMW in Tucson for helping out all weekend, and also Josh Kaufman from Speedcell Technologies, they both came out and supported our team all weekend. We had some pretty good go-cart battles too, thanks to Nick Ienatch for that!! Special thanks to Evan’s uncle, Mike Lind, who welded a new axle onto the trailer so that we could still make it to the event. Mike was stationed in Japan when he was in the military, and raced dirt bikes while he was over there. He took his moto-cross bikes to Pops Yoshimura back then, before Pops came to the U.S., it was just a small shop, and Pops himself doing the work. So Mike got a kick out of helping us out so we could make it to the track, and he saved the day pretty big!!! For sure none of this would be possible without a ton of help from lots of great people and companies, so thanks to GPR, Kyle USA, Armour Bodies, Attack Performance, Leo Vince, Dunlop,, Driven, and Shoei helmets. Our next event is Laguna Seca AMA, that should be a big weekend, and we are really looking forward to it! Every race weekend we do the bike just keeps getting better, and our team really wants to get up in the top 5-8 spots in an AMA Superbike race, to prove that the BMW is a strong package to race with as a privateer. So far 10th place at the Sears Point event is our best AMA finish on the BMW, so we need to step it up at Laguna!!